Electric vehicle Tesla Model 3 - Long range - White - 18" Aero rims - All black premium interior - Autopilot basic - 40000 km - 2020.09.

2500 EUR subsidy for used electric car is possible
Battery: Long range
Drive unit: All Wheel Drive
Suspension: Standard coil suspension
Date: 2020.09.
Mileage: 40000 km
Color: White
Wheels: 18" Aero rims
Tow hitch: not included
Interior: All black premium
Autopilot and driver assistance: Autopilot basic, traffic aware cruise control with lane and distance tracking, collision warning and emergency breaking.
Enhanced autopilot: Not included - automatic lane change on highway, automatic parking, simple summon.
Full self driving option: Not included - (functions are working partly) navigation on autopilot on highways, automatic lane change on highways, automatic parking parallel and perpendicular, parking lot smart summon, traffic light and stop lines recognition and stop, autopilot on city streets.
350 HP (258 kW)
4,4 s to 100 km/h
Tesla 4 years or up to 80000 km warranty
Tesla 8 years or up to 192000 km warranty for battery and drive

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