The revolutionary magnet synchronous motor generates torque to overtake virtually any conventional internal combustion engine motorcycle while maintaining initial acceleration.

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"Energica" motorcycles are today's most advanced electric motorcycles combining power and riding pleasure.

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"Energica" is the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to use CCS Combo fast charging technology.

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"Energica" Motorcycles use a high-tech lithium polymer (Li-NMC) battery that greatly improves the performance of the vehicle and extends the life of the battery itself.

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Any system, whether mechanical or biological, needs instructions to work.

For biological organisms, this is DNA, and for software, it is the number of lines of code.

"Energica's software consists of 1.1 million lines of code (645,000 lines of code for VCU alone), more than 200,000 more than the Space Shuttle!

Here is a chart to compare these data.

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""Energica motorcycles use a high energy lithium polymer (Li-NMC) battery.

The battery management system (BMS), contained in a sealed enclosure housing the battery cells, have all the necessary provisions to ensure vehicle safety.

In a battery, all high-voltage components are sealed, making it unlikely that an accidental hazard could occur.

The battery is a smart device with its own "electric brain", made up of dozens of sensors and electro-mechanical devices that form a closed subsystem to ensure maximum vehicle performance and driver safety under all environmental conditions.

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Unlike other vehicles where the control units operate separately, Energica's battery, inverter, charger and ABS are continuously monitored and controlled by a technological masterpiece - the VCU, which is entirely designed and developed by Energica.

The algorithm is designed to closely monitor and adjust engine power according to throttle pull 100 times per second during driving.

 The VCU interacts with the ABS system, which controls regenerative engine braking. This not only ensures maximum energy efficiency and full battery functionality throughout the life of the vehicle, but also excellent driveability.

To ensure the highest safety standards, the system continuously monitors the battery status, even in OFF mode.

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"Ride-by-wire" is a direct interface between driver and vehicle. Knowing its importance, Energica has paid particular attention to the development and improvement of this device.

The throttle control consists of a rotary potentiometer and a safety microswitch. The potentiometer senses the rotation of the throttle and is activated each time the accelerator pedal is applied or released.

The VCU controls both the potentiometer and the switch signal to provide the exact torque required by the engine, while the micro-switch is used as a safety feature in case the throttle control fails.

The motorcycle has four riding modes. There are also three different regenerative braking settings that the rider can disable manually.